Company Ander and son Olomouc, better known as ASO, was a trading company based in Olomouc, which operated a network of department stores in Czechoslovakia.

The company was founded by Josef Ander st. (1865–1933), who gradually developed into a rich and experienced trader. After his death, his oldest son took over the business and expanded the network with several other department stores. One of them was also in Košice in a building where our Luxor pub is today.

It was the first department store in Kosice.
In the building there is a restaurant area, through which you get to our beautiful inner garden and the second part, which is a pub. There is also our exceptional microbrewery, in which beer is brewed annually and awarded with a gold beer crown. 


There is a microbrewery in our pub, where you can brew the best beer in the city.
You can enjoy our exclusive delux lagers 10 °, Luxor 12 °, made according to the original Czechoslovak recipes and dark lager Luxor 13 °.
We also offer wheat beer Weizenlux 11 ° and excellent IPA 13 °, which uses five kinds of varied quality hops.
All these beers are cooked exclusively from natural ingredients from reputable producers. These raw materials, together with the high-quality German WACHSMANN Brautechnik technology, allow for the precise production of the most delicious beers.


In our restaurant we pay particular attention to quality and therefore all our meals are cooked exclusively from fresh raw materials supplied mainly from local suppliers.
Our legendary specialty is home made sheep cheese
dumplings with beer beef stew.
You can find here mainly traditional beer dishes such as sirloin on cream, homemade jelly or unusually served "dumplings-pork-greens".
You can also enjoy delicious steaks, salads, sweet snacks and other delicacies from our menu.


If you are interested in organizing a celebration, party, Christmas party, teambuilding or other corporate event, we will be happy to help you.
For more information please contact our manager at +421 948 872 577

Capacity of our premises:
Restaurant - 80 guests
Brewery - 50 guests
Summer Garden - 100 guests.

For T-systems employees we offer a discount of 5% of the whole bill for orders over 40 EUR. For teambuilding over 15 people we offer individual discounts.


Breakfast menu in Luxor

Enjoy a delicious breakfast with LUXOR breakfast menu!

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